The learning process feels very natural when learning French using the method in deep relaxation. Under the inspiring guidance of Eléonore, I am learning to read and speak French with great pleasure. The result is that after about a year of lessons I already read simple French books and make myself understood at a basic level. I recommend this method at the Heart of Language institute wholeheartedly to everyone.


Very satisfied with the English course. The content of the course suited me well and helped me achieve my goal.


Fantastic method and guidance to effortlessly master a language.


It was a great experience learning Spanish in a short time with the method used by Heart of Language.


I experienced learning Dutch under hypnosis. This different approach allows me to be more comfortable with the language, I don’t have any doubts anymore when I want to talk and enjoy making even more progress. I highly recommend!!


My first session took place after a long and stressful day, and it felt incredible how I was completely relaxed and reconnected at the end. I also felt like I was surrounded by the language and it made me hear it in a completely different way. As a result, I realised I listened to conversations in dutch very differently


I highly recommend Language lessons with Eleonore. A way of learning quickly and pleasantly!


After my 1st English session under hypnosis English sounds became clearer and I felt like I was discovering the English words for the first time. I could make a distinction between sounds and syllables. It was impressive and it opened greatly and literally my ears. Furthermore, my English public speaking fear disappeared. I am so grateful to the school that organised this program. It is quick, efficient and I can only recommend it.


A personalised method, comfortable, flexible and tailored to my needs.


Learning with Eléonore and her team was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learnt so fast and with the extra treat of daily relaxation as well.