Learn Russian in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

Whether you need some Russian in your business, in everyday life or because you simply feel an affinity with the Russian soul, we’ll guide you through the stages of what was always considered a daunting language to learn, with a rich variety and complexity of sounds.

The challenges of learning Russian is attracting more and more eager students every year, especially as the country has emerged into a free market economy where knowledge of Russian opens a world of business opportunities.

However, it can be tricky at first to hear and recognise Russian sounds… not to mention pronouncing them. Because of its extraordinary richness of sounds, the Russian language is considered by the linguist Claude Hagège the most beautiful language ever.

However, with our method of learning in deep relaxation/under hypnosis, you’ll be guided step by step in a comfortable manner and your learning, reproducing that of a child learning their mother tongue, will be efficient, effortless and rewarding.

Learning with Eléonore and her team was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learnt so fast and with the extra treat of daily relaxation as well.