Learn Other languages & dialects in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

Learning a language in deep relaxation/under hypnosis is proving surprisingly easy and effortless. With our method, our students learn quickly and effortlessly, enjoying the learning process tremendously as everything becomes fun and feels natural.

We are constantly expanding the languages we offer and are able to adapt our courses to any given language or dialect. Therefore, it is entirely possible to learn in deep relaxation/under hypnosis for example the Swiss German language or the Alsacien dialect (from eastern France), or the Bamiléké languages (from Cameroon), given that we find the appropriate teacher, a challenge we enjoy enormously.

We are a very dynamic school, training new language teachers regularly, and we would feel delighted to honor any request you might have to learn a language or a dialect which doesn’t appear in the languages we currently offer to learn.

We look very much forward to hearing from you and to accompanying you through the wonderful process of learning a language in deep relaxation/under hypnosis.