Learn Japanese in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

Whether you need some Japanese for your business, in everyday life or because you simply feel an affinity with the Japanese culture, we’ll guide you through the stages of learning this beautiful and rich language.

Japanese is not directly related to any other language, and unlike other Asian languages Japanese is not tonal, which makes it a bit simpler to learn. Each syllable is given equal emphasis and so pronunciation is thus a lot easier.

With lessons in deep relaxation/under hypnosis, you will soon feel your ears opening up and you will hear all of the sounds of the language more easily and precisely. You will become comfortable with the pronunciation, and the grammar will soon feel very logical and instinctive to you, just like a child learning their mother tongue.

Spoken Japanese can be learned easily using the romanised script, while the characters acquisition is the most challenging part of the language. Composed of thousands of Chinese characters called Kanji and 2 Japanese syllabaries of 48 characters each called Hiragana and Katakana, the Japanese writing system is indeed very complex.

However, lessons in deep relaxation/under hypnosis will help tremendously with learning the characters, and the process will feel fun, easy and rewarding.

Our courses will make you feel inspired with the beauty of the language, giving you insights in the Japanese literature and culture. You will enjoy the process of learning effortlessly, rapidly making progress and mastering the Japanese language more and more, whether you are just beginning or you want to perfect your mastery of the language.