Learn Italian in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

Considered the most beautiful romantic language there is, and one of the most beautiful languages, period, Italian is a really fantastic and rewarding language to speak.

Its spelling matches its pronunciation and unlike in French, its grammar is very regular and predictable. With all its double consonants and its melodious vowels, Italian is a language you will soon feel charmed by if that is not already the case.

Whether you’re just getting started with Italian or approaching fluency, our method in deep relaxation/under hypnosis will enable you to quickly expand your vocabulary, improve your speaking skills, your understanding and polish your accent.

Italy’s rich history, culture, beautiful architecture and delicious food are all reasons to make it one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations. Whether you need some Italian for your holiday trips, your business, in everyday life or because you simply feel an affinity with the Italian culture, we’ll guide you through the stages of learning this beautiful language.

When learning with our method in deep relaxation/under hypnosis, you’ll be guided step by step in a comfortable manner and your learning, reproducing that of a child learning their mother tongue, will be efficient, effortless and rewarding.