Learn German in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

German is among the most widely spoken languages in the European Union, and whether you need German for your business, in everyday life or you simply feel an affinity with the German culture, literature or philosophy, we’ll guide you through the stages of learning this amazing language.

Although German has a lot of words in common with the English language it is considered a difficult language to study by English speakers, with its long and winding words, four noun case endings, three grammatical genders and the pronunciation giving every muscle of the mouth a good workout. However, such challenges will become insignificant with our method and your learning will be effortless and fulfilling.

The lessons in deep relaxation/under hypnosis will open up your ears so you can hear and pronounce easily and precisely all of the sounds of the language, the grammar will soon feel very logical and you will instinctively understand it, just like a child learning it as their mother tongue.

German has often been referred to as the language of the Dichter und Denker that is to say the writers/poets and the thinkers. The language is riddled with quirky traits and poetic descriptions, making German a fascinating language to learn and to master.

By learning in deep relaxation/under Hypnosis you will feel inspired with the beauty of the language, the literature and culture, and you will enjoy the process of learning effortlessly, rapidly making progress and mastering the language more and more, whether you are a beginner or want to perfect your mastery of the language.