Learn French in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

With its fascinating literature and its rich romantic sounds, French has become one of the most prized languages to learn. Whether you need it for your business, or because you simply want to enjoy some speaking comfort as you go on holidays in French speaking countries, we will guide you through the stages of learning this beautiful language.

French is considered to be one of the most difficult European languages, because of its grammar, its spelling and the speed of the spoken language. However, learning French in deep relaxation/under Hypnosis will help you hear and pronounce all of the unusual nasal sounds that are so typical of the language, as well as getting comfortable with the enormous difference there is between written French and spoken French.

Indeed, not only will native French speakers speak very fast, but they will also “eat” words, speaking French very differently from the way it is written. “Je suis au café” will thus become “Chui au café”.

With our method of learning, you’ll be able to become very confident and comfortable with such challenges, and your learning, reproducing that of a child learning their mother tongue, will be efficient, effortless and rewarding.