Learn English in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

Universally used, it is also the language of computers, of code and almost everyone nowadays needs a basic grasp of the English language as it has become the most widely spoken lingua franca in the modern world.

It really is an extraordinary language, rich and flexible with a vocabulary derived from many different sources and littered with French, German and Italian words. It also has its foibles, like for example words that are spelt differently and mean different things but are pronounced alike…

However, fluency for spoken communication is particularly easy and with our method of learning you’ll soon be understood effortlessly by English speakers. You’ll even have the pleasure to discover that you also understand fast conversations.

If you begin from scratch, you will be steadily accompanied to acquire strong basics of the language, and if you already have a good grasp of English and want to improve, we’ll perfect your accent and provide you with endless possibilities of expression on subjects of your choice.