Learn Dutch in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

Dutch is a great and very rich language to speak, and many are the expats willing to learn it, yet who hasn’t had difficulty learning Dutch ? Not only is the language very difficult to learn, but as most foreigners will experience, they are being spoken to in English by the locals, which makes the Dutch language almost impossible to speak in everyday life if you haven’t reached a sufficient level of mastery yet.

Whether you need to speak Dutch for your business, at work or you simply want to feel integrated to your new family or your circle of friends as an expat in the Netherlands, we will guide you step by step, in a comfortable and effortless manner.

Learning Dutch in deep relaxation/under hypnosis will open up your ears so you can effortlessly hear and pronounce all of the rich and sometimes difficult sounds of the language. And not only will you be able to hear and pronounce the sounds of the language, but you will also begin to enjoy them and if that wasn’t already the case, you will start loving the language like your own.