Learn Arabic in deep relaxation/under hypnosis

Whether you need some Arabic for your business, in everyday life or because you simply feel an affinity with one of the many Arabic speaking cultures, we’ll guide you through the stages of learning this beautiful language.

Arabic is a Central Semitic language, closely related to Aramaic and Hebrew, and it conveys a depth of both meaning and emotion unmatched by many languages. It developed through a predominantly oral and poetic tradition that flourished in the Arabian Peninsula before the emergence of Islam and a codified Arabic script.

One of the qualities that make Arabic unique as well as difficult to learn, is that its writing system doesn’t follow that of an alphabet, but that of an abjad which is a system in which each letter is a consonant and where vowels are not written, which requires the speaker to provide the vowels himself, using vowel marks. Learning the Arabic Abjad is an important step in learning the language and with our method in deep relaxation/under hypnosis the process of learning those signs will become much easier and efficient.

The sounds of the language appear difficult for an English speaker, especially as some of them do not exist in any other languages except Arabic. However, the lessons in deep relaxation/under hypnosis will open up your ears so you can hear and pronounce easily and precisely all of the sounds of the language and your understanding and speaking skills will develop quickly and effortlessly.

Arabic is a language which is also known for its immense vocabulary. It has for example at least 11 words for love and each one of them conveys a different stage of the process of falling or being in love. But Arabic’s expansive vocabulary is not just limited to the world of poetry and literature. It has for example over a hundred words to describe camels. This can appear challenging but with lessons in deep relaxation/under hypnosis, learning vocabulary really is child’s play.

Our courses will inspire you with the beauty and the depth of the language, and you will enjoy the process of learning effortlessly, rapidly making progress and mastering the Arabic language more and more, whether you are just beginning or you want to perfect your mastery of the language.