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Quite simply because learning a language in deep relaxation/under hypnosis yields exceptional results with adults, children and teenagers.

You learn quickly and easily which feels highly motivating and fun. Meeting your needs is our priority and our courses are 100% tailored according to your wishes, whether you want to learn a language for your business or for your own leisure.

So why choose our courses in deep relaxation/under hypnosis and what are some of the benefits ?

Your aural perception is enhanced, your ears are more receptive to the unusual sounds of the new language, whichever it is and however difficult it may sound at first. Your accent improves quickly, effortlessly and easily.

While feeling a general sense of well-being, you also learn intensively because you can focus in a relaxed manner and retain new elements better.

Regardless of any difficulties you might have had in the past, it gives you confidence again in your own resources and in your learning capacities, because this time you are really learning successfully.

We have seen daily through our teaching experience how efficient deep relaxation/hypnosis are for learning languages.

We wish for you and everybody to study in those ideal conditions. 

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Learning with Eléonore and her team was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learnt so fast and with the extra treat of daily relaxation as well.